Dansk Metalvare Fabrik

DMF was founded in 1897 as a private company and was involved from the start of electrification as a supplier of a wide range of products for electric companies, eg fuses, which is still produced with a significantly smaller number, which has survived for almost 100 years without change, which is said to be very unusual today.

In the early 1970s, the DMF was converted into a limited company, which today is owned personally by Birger Steen Andersen, who is also the company’s CEO.

DMF still produces items for electric companies and represents also many reputable companies from all over Europe with the import of a wide range of products used by electric distribution companies, electricity transmission companies and power plants.

The range spans from the smallest products, such as cable lugs and connectors, to glass insulators, cables, broadband, distribution and power transformers, DMF has earned a reputation with its customers as a supplier of high quality products at competitive prices and delivery times, as always, keep, so no matter which product you require, then DMF do its utmost to service you and live up to the slogan in the introduction and in the following:

Our company does not customers a favor by meeting their needs.

It is the customers, making the company a favor by giving them the chance.